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Data Center Professional Services

The first step is to provide consultation of what Data Center tier level you need based on your requirements and projected growth of your firm. The next step, is to assemble a team of engineers to document, design, and architect your Data Center.  The last step is to build your Data Center based on your final architected plans. The 4 standardized Data Center tier levels are shown below:

Data Center Tier Levels

Data Center Construction

Fundamental plans for the entire construction process are created to make reliability, efficiency and density a reality. Site infrastructure, HVAC, environmental, electrical, fire suppression, security, lightning protection factors and utilization of existing equipment are some but not all of the items that are carefully considered in the successful design of an excellent data center facility.

Data Centers can use a lot of power. The main two power usages are: 1) the power required to run the actual equipment, and, 2) the power required to cool the requipment. The first power category is addressed by designing computers and storage systems that are more energy efficient. To bring down the cooling costs, good Data Center Designs use natural ways to cool the equipment. Many Data Centers have to be located near people-concentrations to manage the equipment. There also are many circumstances where the Data Center can be miles away from the users and don't need hardly any local management. These are often called 'Lights-Out' Data Centers. 

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